Working in a hospital with high stress and irregular hours, I was initially skeptical on the results. However, just after my first month of treatment, my fat percentage dropped and I could fit into clothes one size down!


34 years old
My blogger friend recommended me to Shou! I have tried many other slimming methods including taking sliming pills but all failed without even losing and fat or weight. I am very happy with the result as I never stop eating. I have a weakness to cakes and chocolates!


38 years old
The result is unbelievable! I am very happy with the result. The most honest slimming centre and always over delivered. Love the latest beauty equipment and the price is so affordable.

Yin Chou

42 years old
I am extremely happy with the result! Just in 4 months and I am totally transformed. My tummy is gone!


34 years old
I feel strong and healthy again! After my treatment, it gives me energy! I also decided to stay active and stop making excuses and start taking care of my life. I feel so much lighter and it totally takes away my bloating.


33 years old
When my sister asked me to use her left over package at SHOU, I was overjoyed as she lost all her pregnancy weight within 4 months of treatment. It was impressive to the whole family. It is really great to look and feel good about myself.


25 years old
Totally love my result in just 3 months without cutting too much of my favorite food. Eat less with more meals. Drink plenty of water. That’s all I did to get back my body. I am hooked to have a flatter tummy and it does give me more confidence.


36 years old

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