Smart RF

Get rid of stubborn fats and reduce the appearance of cellulite from within. By generating heat in the body through a smart device, Smart RF delivers a deeper internal effect, effectively reducing stubborn fats and the appearance of cellulite by breaking down superficial fat and fibrous tissue that causes the dimpled appearance and uneven contour of the skin. In addition, it tightens the skin, which would result in the reduction of size (e.g on the waistline), and improves body contour and shape. It is a good add-on with other treatments to achieve a leaner, toner body.


Reduction of intro-abdominial fat

Increase metabolism

Acceleration of lymphatic drainage circulation

Improve blood circulation

Cellulite Reduction

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, sex, basal metabolic rate, medical history, family history, lifestyle and physical activity. All treatments and after care are suggested by SHOU’s professionally trained therapist and customized as per individual requirement to give best possible results.