LPG Endermologie

Contour your body naturally and non-invasively with LPG Endermologie featuring independent, motorized rollers to allow for an unprecedented tissue hold and more efficient body contouring results. Stimulate body’s circulation and active its elimination functions to release fat, smooth cellulite, firm skin, lighten legs and enhance your overall well-being.


Improve blood circulation

Boost lymphatic drainage

Reduces appearance of cellulite

Firmer, toner, and smoother skin and body


What is the difference between LPG Endermologie and Liposuction?

Endermologie is a non-invasive treatment that improves the quality of connective tissue, while Liposuction is an invasive method that focuses on the removal of deeply embedded fat from a specific area. LPG Endermologie treatment is widely recommended as tissues heal and restore faster.

Is treatment painful?

The treatment is non-invasive and gentle. Varying from person to person, there should be minimal to no discomfort.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

There are little to no side effects of this treatment. People with fine skin may experience light bruising. It is observed that after treatment, one would feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

How many sessions are required to see results?

The difference in your body can be felt after one session. However, we would recommend about 6 to 15 sessions
to achieve your desired figure. Nonetheless, this is dependent on your age, weight as well as medical history.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, sex, basal metabolic rate, medical history, family history, lifestyle and physical activity. All treatments and after care are suggested by SHOU’s professionally trained therapist and customized as per individual requirement to give best possible results.