Bio Sculpture

Combining Far Infrared Rays (FIR), Bio Stimulation Technology and the use of 3 types of nano serum, with this combination of patented technology, the BioSculpture treatment safely and effectively targets and removes unwanted localized fats by releasing liquid fat from the subcutaneous tissues via lymphatic drainage. Bio Stimulation Technology helps to improve circulation and metabolism, increase heart rate without elevating blood pressure, stimulate blood flow to bring oxygen to joints and muscles. Overall, treatment speeds up metabolic process resulting in substantial calorie loss as well as promote overall wellness of the body.


Reduction of fat, wrinkles and appearance of cellulite as well as stretch marks

Optimal detoxification

Tummy tuck

Firm and tighten skin

Strengthened immune system

Body sculpting

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, sex, basal metabolic rate, medical history, family history, lifestyle and physical activity. All treatments and after care are suggested by SHOU’s professionally trained therapist and customized as per individual requirement to give best possible results.