General Questions

Can treatment be targeted to specific areas of the body?

Yes, we have treatments that cater to specific parts of your body, addressing one’s problem areas to help achieve the ideal figure.

How many treatment sessions are required to achieve results?

Treatment plans are worked out based on your needs and ideal weight. We have general three plans in which customers can pick from. However, do note that as every body is shaped differently, results may vary from person to person.

Is exercising and watching what is eaten needed when undergoing the SHOU program?

Extreme exercise and dieting are not required. However, for the program to be ideally effective, practicing discipline to a certain degree is advisable. One is advised to go easy on high calorie and high fat food, and to follow a sensible eating plan.

What is the rebound rate after completion of the program?

After completion of the program, it is very unlikely that your weight will rebound. Nonetheless, we would encourage one to practice healthy eating habits as well as to eat in moderation. We also have a maintenance program that one could sign up for. The once-a-month session will help to ensure that the body’s metabolism and circulation is working at an optimal level to prolong the effects of the treatment.

Is treatment uncomfortable/painful?

All of the slimming treatments at SHOU are gentle, safe and non-invasive. Varying from person to person as well as the type of treatment, there should be minimal to no discomfort.